Photography about Amish people is usually done from a distance.  It seems to me that a fogged window separates our worlds.  We yearn for a glimpse of the outside world, while outsiders long for a peek into what they call our plain and simple life.  I wanted to show some of my truth, and through my friendship with Honey, I hope I have defogged a little of my life.  We are one despite living in different worlds.  - Barbara Miller

Amish are complicated, generally secretive people thought of in connection with carpentry, shunning, multiple children, horse drawn buggies, and romanticized by those of us for what we believe is an easier life centered around God and family.  My friendship with Barbara inspired this collaboration to reflect moments of Barbara’s life.  Photographs were taken over several years, and this experience deepened our love and respect for our similarities and differences beyond words and even pictures.  - Honey Lazar